Sanlab Learning Technologies shortens the learning time and offers a cost effective alternative with hands-on VR simulation systems in areas that require professional experience.

Electrical Vehicle
Maintanence Simulators
The electrical vehicles has been expanding faster than ever with the common goal of going green, yet there will be future needs to engage this transformation into reality. Sanlab forecast & shoulder this responsibility with creative simulation systems.

Construction Machinary Simulators

Various construction machniary simulators are developed to simulate real time challenges to train operators.


Welding  Simulators

Welding Simulator is produced with virtual reality technology. One of these advantages is to provide low-cost training without spending any consumables. At the same time, it helps you to get an efficient training with the advanced technology and sensors it uses.

Established in 2009, SANLAB is a pioneer in its sector and offers unique solutions in the field of Real Time Robotic Applications. 

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