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Simulators & Test Systems

Front view of the 6dof motion platform for test systems and simulators.


Explore cutting-edge motion technology with SANLAB. Our advanced 2DOF, 3DOF, and 6DOF motion platforms, featuring six degrees of freedom, provide precise testing for highly dynamic and powerful motion systems. Designed for normal or harsh environmental operating conditions, our solutions cater to a weight range from 50 kgs up to 14000 kgs, with an optional IP66 enclosure for added protection.


Introducing SLINE, the ultimate 3DOF reality motion platform that redefines your racing experience. Engineered with vertical axis technology, SLINE brings your virtual race car to life, replicating every movement with unparalleled precision. Feel the adrenaline rush as SLINE delivers lifelike sways and turns, creating a truly immersive driving encounter. Designed to elevate your gameplay, this precision-engineered vertical axis motion simulator platform takes racing to the next level.

Side shot of 3DOF Motion Racing Simulator Platform SLINE.
This is the front photo of the SM2500 Motion platform designed for outdoors.


#1 –The world's first outdoor motion platform.

The world's first outdoor 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) motion platform SM2500 with integrated defense system. This groundbreaking technology redefines simulation experiences by enabling users to engage in simulations within outdoor environments. Enhance your adventure with advanced motion systems, defense integration, and realistic simulators, blurring the line between virtual and real. Discover the possibilities that motion platforms, combined with defense systems, can offer for training, entertainment, and beyond.


SANLAB provides automotive sectors and R&D centers with advanced "6DOF Reality Driver in the Loop Simulators," enabling the enhancement of engineering and design capabilities based on simulator output data.

6DOF driver in the loop dil simulator with six degrees of motion platform.
Front photo of the 2dof gyro stabilized platform that provides balancing


2DOF Stabilized Platforms by SANLAB ensure precise and accurate target identification amidst diverse disturbances. Our systems support payloads ranging from 150 kg to 3,000 kg, including cameras, imagers, sighting, and antenna systems designed for defense applications, allowing them to operate seamlessly in both normal and harsh environmental conditions. This encompasses both 2DOF and 6DOF motion platforms for simulators.


2DOF Precise Point Positioning Systems elegantly empower accurate rotation, velocity, and directional control for antenna-like payloads. These exceptional systems offer a diverse range of payload options, optimized to operate seamlessly in a variety of environmental conditions.

Front photo of the precision point positioning system with 2DOF motion platform providing high precision.
Cover photo of Electric vehicle maintenance simulator.


The electrical vehicles has been expanding faster than ever with the common goal of going green, yet there will be future needs to engage this transformation into reality. Sanlab forecast & shoulder this responsibility with creative simulation systems.


Immerse yourself in the world of construction machinery with our diverse range of simulators. These cutting-edge simulators are meticulously developed to replicate real-time challenges, providing an immersive training experience for operators. Compatible with both 3DOF and 6DOF motion platforms, they offer versatile training solutions for a variety of simulation needs.

Heavy equipment simulator provided with 6dof motion platform.
Mesleki eğitim simülatörlerinden kaynak simülatörünün önden görünümü.


SANLAB Learning Technologies shortens the learning time and offers a cost effective alternative with hands-on VR simulation systems in areas that require professional experience.


SANLAB’s self-developed software is devoted for all users who would like to easily and effectively manage motion systems. All the platforms are supported by easy to use and user friendly GUI. Tailor made software solutions can be produced thanks to SANLAB’s agile R&D capabilities.

Screenshot of the application used to test motion platforms. Wavelengths are shown.


vr solutions

With more than 10 years of experience, SANLAB offers customized virtual reality solutions to its customers -in full fit to their real needs. Learning scenarios compatible with real working conditions, optimized hardware and software infrastructure, and advanced reporting features enable users to create learning programs that can be customized according to individuals and/or classes.

SANLAB can develop solutions compatible with all virtual reality equipment in the market in accordance with the project requirements. It offers solutions at the same level of professionalism for different needs, from single-station solutions to multi-station solutions that can be controlled over the internet.


Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Within the scope of our Open Innovation Autonomous Vehicle Development and Test Platform (OPINA) project carried out by the Republic of Turkey and the European Union with the support of the IPA II budget, the "OPINA Driver in the Loop Simulator" (ODILS) system, which was installed and commissioned by SANLAB at the beginning of January 2022 at our University's Transportation Technologies and Intelligent Transportation Systems (UTAS) Application and Research Center, has been successfully used since that date, the necessary updates and improvements have been made by SANLAB without delay.

opina logo

In this scope, driverless or autonomous driving simulations can be performed on various scenarios defined, and various parameters can be recorded and processed. With the IPG Truckmaker software purchased within the scope of the OPINA project, the operating system and software updates required for operation with the IPG Truckmaker software have also been made, and the system can be used without any problems in the simulation of various autonomous vehicle autonomous control software prototypes and scenarios.

Prof. Dr. Semih Bilgen
Istanbul Okan University
Advisor to the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Senior Representative (SRER) for the OPINA Project at the University


Established in 2009, SANLAB is a pioneer in its sector and offers unique solutions in the field of Real Time Robotic Applications. 

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