2 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) with GNSS

Precise point positioning system with 2DOF motion platform.

2 DOF (2 Degrees of Freedom)

400 kg payload
2 DOF degrees of freedom (Azimuth,Elevation)
-200°+200° horizontal movement
-90°+90° vertical movement
10°/s maximum speed for each axis
0.05° accuracy
IP 65 Protection option

Enhancing Precision with

2 DOF Precise Point Positioning System

precise point positioning rotator system 2 dof gnss

Unlocking Enhanced Accuracy with 2 DOF Precise Point Positioning Systems

Achieve Unmatched Accuracy and Control with GNSS Technology

In the realm of advanced positioning technology, the spotlight is on 2 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) Precise Point Positioning Systems. These cutting-edge systems redefine our approach to accuracy, control, and adaptability for antenna-like payloads. With a primary focus on precise point positioning and Global Navigation Satellite System technology, these systems offer unparalleled capabilities across diverse scenarios.

Ultimate Control with 2 DOF Precision • At the heart of our 2 DOF systems lies an unwavering commitment to granting unparalleled control. Rotation, velocity, and directional precision for antenna-like payloads are meticulously managed, ensuring optimal performance. These systems present a versatile array of payload options, each meticulously designed to guarantee seamless operation across diverse environmental conditions.

Redefining Precision with GNSS Our 2 DOF systems reshape the landscape of positioning accuracy. Navigating and controlling antenna-like payloads are taken to a new level of precision through Global Navigation Satellite System technology. The adaptability to various environments is seamless, as these systems offer an extensive selection of payload choices. Empower your missions with our state-of-the-art technology, promising success regardless of the challenges faced.

Abilities of 2 DOF GNSS Precise Point Positioning (PPP)

The capabilities of our 2 DOF Precise Point Positioning Systems, driven by Global Navigation Satellite System technology, are a testament to their advanced design:

• Handling Substantial Payloads: Our systems handle payloads of up to 400 kg with confidence, ensuring the deployment of mission-critical equipment.
• Degrees of Freedom (Azimuth, Elevation): Achieve complete control over antenna-like payloads by manipulating azimuth and elevation angles, offering exceptional positioning flexibility.
• Wide Range of Movement: A horizontal movement range of -200° to +200° offers precise payload direction, expanding the scope of potential applications.

2 dof high precise point positioning gnss

• Vertical Movement: Adaptability is assured through a vertical movement range of -90° to +90°, allowing navigation through challenging environments.
• Impressive Speed: Respond swiftly to dynamic scenarios with a maximum speed of 10°/s for each axis, enabling efficient adjustments.
• Unprecedented GNSS Accuracy: Make delicate adjustments with confidence, thanks to an astonishing precision of 0.05°, powered by Global Navigation Satellite System technology.
• Protection Option: Even in demanding conditions, equipment remains safeguarded with the option for IP65 protection against dust and water ingress.

Embarking on the Future of GNSS

Embrace the future of precise point positioning and GNSS technology through our 2 DOF systems. As you unlock a new realm of control and accuracy for antenna-oriented payloads, you empower your mission's success. Innovation and adaptability are at the core of these systems, ensuring that challenges can be confidently navigated while maintaining peak performance.

Elevate Your Capabilities with Precision and GNSS

Elevate your control, enhance your accuracy, and embark on a journey of unparalleled precision with 2 DOF Precise Point Positioning Systems. These systems, with a strong foundation in Global Navigation Satellite System, are poised to revolutionize how we approach positioning technology, opening doors to previously uncharted territories of accuracy and control.

A Future of Precision and GNSS

Our 2 DOF Precise Point Positioning System redefines your approach to control, accuracy, and flexibility. The synergy of these remarkable features, driven by Global Navigation Satellite System technology, ensures that your antenna-oriented payloads navigate the intricacies of any environment while maintaining peak performance.

Embrace the GNSS-Enhanced Future

Embrace the future of precision and Global Navigation Satellite System technology with the potential of our 2 DOF Precise Point Positioning System. Revolutionize your operations and redefine what's possible with the pinnacle of precision technology. For further details about our 2 DOF Precise Point Positioning System, its Global Navigation Satellite System capabilities, and its potential to enhance your projects, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Understanding Precise Point Positioning and GNSS

A Glimpse Beyond Traditional Techniques

At its core, Precise Point Positioning (PPP) transcends the limitations of conventional methods. By leveraging advanced GNSS satellite systems and specialized algorithms, PPP calculates target positions with unparalleled accuracy. This technology opens doors to sub-centimeter precision, whether for aerial surveying, autonomous vehicles, or geodetic applications.

Exploring the Benefits of GNSS-Enhanced PPP

• Unparalleled Accuracy: Precision is the hallmark of PPP, providing coordinates with unmatched accuracy that redefines industry standards, thanks to Global Navigation Satellite System technology.

• Versatility Across Sectors: From agriculture to disaster management, the applications of PPP are virtually limitless. Industries reliant on accurate spatial data can benefit immensely from this technology..
• Dynamic Adaptability: PPP excels in dynamic and challenging environments, with rapid adjustment and recalibration capabilities that ensure steadfast and reliable real-time positioning, further enhanced by Global Navigation Satellite System.

• Enhanced Efficiency: Achieve precise positioning without the need for ground-based infrastructure, leading to faster deployment and more efficient operations, with the added support of GNSS.

• Future-Ready Solution: As technology evolves, so does PPP, amplified by Global Navigation Satellite System advancements. The integration of multiple GNSS satellite constellations and continuous algorithm advancements promise even more accurate and robust positioning solutions in the future.

In a world where precision is paramount, " Precise Point Positioning " emerges as the cornerstone of accuracy. Chart new territories, guide autonomous vehicles, or revolutionize surveying - Precise Point Positioning, amplified by Global Navigation Satellite System, unlocks a future of unmatched accuracy.

Embrace the GNSS-Enhanced Future

Are you ready to embrace the future of precision and Global Navigation Satellite System technology? Connect with us to learn how Precise Point Positioning, driven by Global Navigation Satellite System, can elevate your projects and reshape what's possible.

gnss 2 dof precision point positioning

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