• Turret, RCW test
  • Component validation
  • Signal replication, signal generation
  • Real time simulation table
Outdoor motion platform sm2500
Outdoor motion platform


  • IP 66 Class Enclosure
  • 3D Connection Controller
  • Light Curtain Safety System
smotion 2500 motion platform product catalogue

SANLAB, which carries out the design, production, software development, testing and verification activities of all members of the S Motion Systems family in-house, is able to make all product-based customizations and even create completely unique products in order to best meet customer technical requirements. The best example of this is the outdoor motion platform SM2500, which is one of the rare examples of its kind in the world with its technical requirements.
Motin Platform SM2500 is a product designed and produced for the defense industry to perform test activities under harsh outdoor conditions. This different member of the motion simulator outdoor motion platform SMotion family is designed to work in harsh conditions, from paint to sealing elements, without rain, snow or dust. Six degrees of freedom outdoor motion platform SM2500 is one of the rare examples of its kind with these extraordinary features.

With a total lifting weight of 2500kg and unique functions, the outdoor motion platform SM2500 can be used in simulation and test bench applications that require a payload capacity of approximately 1700kg. SM2500 has 6 servo motor driven electro-mechanical actuators and 3 pneumatic cylinders. With its pneumatic support cylinders, the SM2500 easily achieves the desired performances with lower motor currents, thus achieving a more dynamic and less power-consuming system.

SMOTION2500 Outdoor motion platform
Product Highlights

• Full compliance with IP66 protection standard thanks to its special design
• Trouble-free operation in harsh conditions with 95% relative humidity and temperatures of -20/+50 °C
• Resistant to corrosion and discoloration with special paint application
• Specially designed frame that ensures IP66 protection standard for motors Special seals to prevent dust ingress into the actuators
• Can be used as a simulation or test table Ability to work as a simulation or testbed thanks to modular software architecture
• 6-DOF mobile platform with 2500kg lifting capacity
• Servo drive driven electro-mechanical actuator structure
• Support pneumatic cylinders to increase system dynamism and energy efficiency

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• Backlash-free bearings, frictionless ball bearings specially designed to operate in harsh conditions
• Configured motion limitation, motion termination mechanisms for user and system security
• Signal Generator function
• Signal Replicator function
• Integrated advanced Signal Processing functions
• High cycle rate real-time control with hardware real-time controller hardware and software,
• Functional, intuitive user-friendly interface with advanced analysis and graphical display tools
• System monitoring and fault tracking tools for system control
• Easy integration and integrated operation with the host system via Ethernet interface
• User-adjustable motion cueing algorithm
• Multi-language support

Application Areas

• All kinds of motion simulation applications to be performed under outdoor conditions (Integrated work with simulation software)

• Stabilized weapon systems, radar, optical system (periscope, camera...) performance verification and product validation tests to be performed under outdoor conditions for the defense industry

• Academic research

• Rapid prototyping

SMotion 6DOF Motion Platforms

The world simulation market, which is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, is one of the most important areas where high value-added technologies are used. The market for simulation systems is growing due to the advantages it provides. Motion-based simulations are one of the important building blocks of this world. 6-DOF moving outdoor motion platforms are the most critical component in simulation systems where movement is a must.
Recently, in many sectors, especially in the defense industry, there has been a significant shortening in product development times due to sectoral pressures or rapidly changing conditions. 6-DOF moving platforms play an indispensable role especially in the performance and verification tests of devices that are affected by motion or perform some motion-dependent functions.
SANLAB, which acts on the real requirements of the sectors in all project design and product development processes, offers high-performance 6-DOF moving platforms with the SMotion Moving Platform product family in order to provide rapid prototyping and testing capabilities to sectors with simulation and test requirements in changing market and production conditions. These platforms set new standards in real-time simulation and test applications in terms of price, reliability and performance.
In the SMotion product family, 6-DOF moving platforms such as SM1800, SM2500 Outdoor motion platform and SM3000, whose development processes have been completed and turned into products, are actively used in different sectors, especially in the defense industry. Taking into account the demands from the sectors for continuous development, SANLAB continues its product development processes for 6-DOF outdoor Motion Platforms with higher lifting capacity or higher frequency response.​

Established in 2009, SANLAB is a pioneer in its sector and offers unique solutions in the field of Real Time Robotic Applications. 

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