The complexity, precision requirements and the time frame limitations of the defence products, makes simulation platforms the very best solution for designing, engineering improvements and testing final products. Every single product has its own spesific dimensions, working characteristic & software integration, hence tailor-made simulation solutions should be given for best practice.

SANLAB offers variety of motion platforms, stabilizer & rotator systems as well as AR-VR integrated simulation scenerios. Since all the services from product to software are produced in-house by SANLAB, we are able to create any kind of simulation system according to customer needs.

SANLAB has product experience for ground vehicles, marine systems, turret systems and aerospace platforms as both motion platforms & simulation solutions.

Ilan MSI IDEF 2 website
6DOF (Degrees of Freedom) platform for defense and testing. Six axis dof systems.


50 kg up to 8000 kg gross payload
6 DOF degrees of freedom
600mm actuator stroke
Electro-mechanical Actuators
3 Pneumatic Supporting System
Roll and Pitch Motion Realization
Vibration Isolation
Prototype Testing
Precise Positioners


400 kg payload
2 DOF degrees of freedom (Azimuth,Elevation)
-200°+200° horizontal movement
-90°+90° vertical movement
10°/s maximum speed for each axis
0.05° accuracy
IP 65 Protection option
gyro stabilized platform


150 kg payload
2 degrees of freedom (Azimuth,Elevation)
10 Hz Frequency in both axes
300 mm Actuator Stroke
0.05° accuracy
IP 66 Enclosure option

SMotion Product Family 1

Established in 2009, SANLAB is a pioneer in its sector and offers unique solutions in the field of Real Time Robotic Applications. 

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