SM1800 DIL Simulator


• 6DOF mobile platform with 1800kg capacity
• Movement limitation, movement termination mechanisms configured for the user, and system security
• Ergonomic driver's cabin that gives actual vehicle comfort and perception
• A basic visual system consisting of 3x Industrial Full HD LED Panels optional cylindrical projection system.
• Steering wheel and pedal system with force feedback that can be adjusted according to the user in all axes, forward-backward, up-down or left-right
• 7 (Seven) forward, 1(One) reverse manual gear, automatic use with paddle shifter when necessary
• Driver's seat with all adjustments made by electric control
• 5+1 professional sound system
• Rack cabinet for system computers
• 17” touchscreen HMI
• 24” touch management screen
• Automatic ladder system integrated with 6-DOF moving platform
• System management software that works fully integrated into
IPG Truckmaker software via APO library

Explanation of
Driver In The Loop SM1800 DIL Simulator

Driver In The Loop SM1800 DIL Simulator, renowned as a cutting-edge simulation marvel, stands as a testament to engineering brilliance and visionary innovation. As a sophisticated simulation solution, it transcends conventional limitations, ushering in a new era of experiential authenticity. Its modular and scalable architecture seamlessly integrates various applications, from rapid prototyping to immersive vehicle-based trials. This fusion results in a multidimensional experience that engages users on various levels.

At its core, Driver In The Loop SM1800 DIL Simulator is built on a foundation of adaptability. Its modular design empowers users to tailor the platform to diverse needs, making it versatile and dynamic. The scalability factor further amplifies its potential, accommodating a wide range of applications. This adaptability extends to both Windows and Linux operating systems, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

The true essence of the Driver In The Loop SM1800 DIL Simulator lies in its ability to replicate nuanced movements, thus immersing participants in an authentic experience. With the capability to mimic multiple movements, the platform offers an unprecedented level of immersion.The platform’s ability to provide an immersive experience has garnered a multitude of positive 6 DOF reviews from users around the world.Aboard this motion marvel, one can virtually navigate through challenges, feeling every turn and shift as if in a real-world scenario.

Beyond its simulation prowess, SM1800DIL simulator contributes significantly to rapid prototyping, HIL testing, and vehicle-based trials. Its modular structure facilitates quick reconfiguration, allowing engineers and researchers to explore various configurations and scenarios efficiently. The integration of hardware-in-the-loop testing further enhances its functionality, enabling real-world components to interact seamlessly with the virtual environment.

Central to the SM1800DIL’s evolution is the pivotal role played by the SANLAB company. With a rich legacy of innovation, SANLAB’s collaboration has been instrumental in shaping the platform. Their expertise has contributed to the platform’s evolution into a sophisticated solution, merging technology and imagination seamlessly.

SM1800DIL simulator has redefined the landscape of simulation technology. Its adaptability, combined with its immersive capabilities, positions it as an industry leader. By seamlessly merging technology with reality, SM1800DIL offers a glimpse into a future where innovation knows no bounds. The collaboration between the Driver In The Loop SM1800 DIL Simulator and SANLAB underscores the transformative power of visionary partnerships, laying the foundation for a new realm of possibilities

6DOF driver in the loop dil simulator with six degrees of motion platform.


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Established in 2009, SANLAB is a pioneer in its sector and offers unique solutions in the field of Real Time Robotic Applications. 

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