Three Degrees of Freedom

Description of the 3DOF Platform

A 3DOF (Three Degrees of Freedom) platform is a mechanical system that provides movement in three spatial directions: typically forward/backward, left/right, and up/down. These platforms are commonly used in virtual reality simulations and basic motion systems to offer users a simplified yet immersive experience by replicating essential movement in the virtual environment.

What is the definition of 3DOF ?

3DOF stands for "Three Degrees of Freedom." It is a term used in robotics, mechanical engineering, and other related fields. 3-DOF refers to the three directions in which an object can move in space: heave (up and down), pitch (forward and backward rotation), and roll (side-to-side rotation).

Axial Directions: In 3DOF, an object can move along three primary axes:
• Heave: This is the up-and-down movement along the vertical axis, often referred to as the Z-axis.
• Pitch: This involves rotation around the lateral (side-to-side) axis, resulting in a forward or backward tilt.
• Roll: This is rotation around the longitudinal (front-to-back) axis, producing a side-to-side tilt.

Applications in Robotics and Engineering: 3DOF is commonly used in robotics and engineering contexts. Robots with 3DOF can move and orient themselves in basic ways, making them suitable for simple tasks. Similarly, mechanical systems, like gimbals and stabilizers, often utilize 3DOF to maintain balance or achieve specific orientations.

Comparison to Other Degrees of Freedom: While 3DOF allows for basic movement and orientation, more complex systems require additional degrees of freedom. For example, a 6DOF system can move along all three spatial axes (X, Y, Z) and rotate about those axes (yaw, pitch, roll), allowing for more complex interactions and movement.

type of 3dof (roll,pitch, yaw and surge, heave, sway) three degrees of freedom
3dof three degrees of freedom

Also, the term Three Degrees of Freedom refers to the three directions in which an object can move in space. This includes:

Forward/Backward (Pitch) Movement: This refers to the ability of the object to tilt forward or backward. It is the rotational motion around a horizontal axis. For example, when an aircraft ascends or descends, it uses this pitch movement degree of freedom.

Right/Left (Roll) Movement: This refers to the ability of the object to tilt right or left. It is the rotational motion around the longitudinal axis. For instance, when an aircraft banks to the right or left during a turn, it uses this roll movement degree of freedom.

Up/Down (Heave) Movement: This refers to the ability of the object to move up or down along a vertical axis. For example, a helicopter lifting or lowering vertically uses this heave movement degree of freedom.

3 Degrees of Freedom (3DOF) Platform

A 3 degrees of freedom platform is a device that allows movement in three axes: heave, roll, and pitch. These platforms are used in a variety of applications, including:

Flight simulators: 3-DOF flight simulators provide pilots with a realistic experience of flying an aircraft. The platform moves in response to the pilot's control inputs, creating a sense of motion and immersion.

Driving simulators: 3DOF driving simulators are used to train drivers in a safe and controlled environment. The platform can simulate the effects of different road conditions, such as bumps, potholes, and skidding.

Entertainment: 3 DOF platforms are also used in the entertainment industry, such as in theme parks and arcades. They can be used to create immersive experiences for games and rides.

Benefits of 3DOF Platforms:

Realism: 3-DOF platforms provide a more realistic experience than traditional 2DOF platforms. This is because they can simulate the full range of motion that a person experiences in the real world.

Safety: 3 DOF platforms can be used to train people in a safe and controlled environment. This is because they can simulate dangerous conditions without putting the user at risk.

Immersion: 3 DOF platforms can create a more immersive experience for games and rides. This is because they can move in response to the user's actions, creating a sense of presence in the virtual world.

three degrees of freedom actuator 3dof


Single Actuator Payload : 125 kg
Gross Payload : 500 kg
Heave: 0.0381m | ±0.1m/s, ±9.81m/s²
Roll: -7.4° | ±19.8°/s, ±1900°/s²
Pitch: -7.4° | ±19.8°/s, ±1900°/s²

3 DOF platforms are powered by a variety of actuators, including electric motors, hydraulic cylinders, and pneumatic actuators. The actuators are controlled by a computer, which receives input from sensors on the platform. The computer uses this input to calculate the desired position and orientation of the platform and then sends signals to the actuators to move the platform accordingly.

3-DOF platforms are an important tool for training, research, and entertainment. They provide a realistic and immersive experience that can be used to train people for a variety of tasks, conduct research on human movement, and create exciting and engaging entertainment experiences.

Side shot of 3DOF Motion Racing Simulator Platform SLINE.

3-DOF Sline Actuator Driving Simulator

Photo: A photo of a driving simulator built with a 3 DOF Sline actuator. The simulator includes a steering wheel, pedals, and a seat. The Sline actuator is used to move the platform of the simulator.

Description: This photo shows a driving simulator SANLAB' built using a 3-DOF Sline actuator. The simulator is designed to provide a realistic driving experience. The Sline actuator moves the platform of the simulator in heave, roll, and pitch axes. This allows the simulator to simulate the sensations of driving over bumps, potholes, and turns.

Simulator Features:
3 DOF Sline actuator for realistic motion simulation
Steering wheel, pedals, and seat
Adjustable steering wheel and seat
Software that simulates different driving scenarios

Simulator Benefits:
Realistic driving experience
Safe and controlled driving training
Ability to practice in different driving conditions
Improve driving skills

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