6DOF Driver In The Loop (DIL) Motion Simulator Platforms

• Over the past few years, the automotive industry has significantly accelerated its product development processes, frequently introducing new vehicle models. Achieving such rapid product innovation in complex engineering fields like automobiles necessitates the integration of cutting-edge technologies.

• To meet these demands, software that facilitates synthetic testing environments, including motion simulations, plays a critical role in the development and testing phases of automotive products.

• Important factors include precise modeling of a vehicle's physical behavior, accurate representation of onboard sensors, and the creation of synthetic environmental conditions that closely mimic real-world scenarios, all seamlessly integrated with motion simulation platforms. The quality of these components significantly impacts the overall success of the system.

• A comprehensive virtual testing environment for assessing both traditional and autonomous vehicles should include motion simulation systems, visual components, and auditory components.

• Systems that immerse the driver in the testing environment are known as Driving In the Loop (DIL) systems. These systems are extensively utilized in the development processes of both traditional and autonomous vehicles, making effective use of motion simulation platforms.

• Among the critical components of DIL systems, motion simulation platforms occupy a central position. They play a crucial role in observing the results of research conducted on virtual vehicles, directly influencing the vehicle's dynamic performance.

SANLAB, actively monitoring developments in the automotive sector in Turkey and around the world, has developed the Driver in the Loop Simulator and introduced it to the automotive industry, demonstrating its expertise in integrating motion simulation systems.

SLINE, a cutting-edge vertical axis 3 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) motion simulator platform designed to elevate the excitement and realism of car racing experiences. SLINE provides drivers with an unparalleled sense of being on the racetrack by closely mimicking the vehicle's movements.

This unique motion simulator platform seamlessly integrates with your computer to replicate every motion of the car in real-time. The jolts felt during turns and the bumps experienced on uneven terrains are recreated, offering a lifelike sensation as if you were truly navigating a racetrack. Thanks to its vertical axis movement capabilities, it accurately captures various road conditions, from rapid straights to challenging uphill climbs.

KEY FEATURES 3 Degrees of Freedom (3 DOF): Vertical axis motion platform delivers precise and realistic movements.

Rapid Response Time: Instant data transmission ensures the most lifelike feedback.

3DoF Reality Motion Platform: Bridges the gap between technology and reality for an unparalleled motion simulator platform experience.

User-Friendly Design: Engineered for easy setup and operation.

Compatibility Across Diverse Games: Works seamlessly with a wide range of games, from car racing to flight simulations. SLINE opens the doors to a new era in the world of motion simulator platforms. Crafted with SLINE technology for the racing experience, this platform offers gamers and racing enthusiasts an unforgettable motion experience. Feel every twist and turn of the racetrack in meticulous detail. Embark on your journey into the immersive world of realistic racing experiences with SLINE today.

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As you dive into the heart of SLINE's immersive world, you'll find that it's more than a motion simulator platform. It's a portal to a realm where the line between the digital and physical blurs, granting you the next level racing experience you've always craved.

Crafted with precision and engineered with the racer's heart in mind, SLINE stands at the forefront of modern motion simulation technology. It's where precision meets passion, and virtual racing becomes an unforgettable adventure.

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Established in 2009, SANLAB is a pioneer in its sector and offers unique solutions in the field of Real Time Robotic Applications. 

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