UAV Landing Pad
2DOF Stabilized Drone Platform

SANLAB's UAV Landing Pad 2DOF Stabilized Drone Platform ensures precise and stable drone operations, designed to meet rigorous demands with compliance to MIL-STD 810 standards, offering reliability and safety in various environmental conditions.

Product Features of UAV Landing Platform
with Precision and Stability for Drone Launches and Landing

The UAV Landing Platform offers precise positioning, secure landing and takeoff capabilities, stable imaging for radar and optical systems, compliance with MIL-STD 810 standards, and durability in extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.

Precise Stabilization

The UAV Landing Pad ensures precise stabilization, keeping payloads steady with up to 1 arcsecond accuracy. This is crucial for tasks like aerial photography and research that require precise data collection.

Wide Range of Motion

With ±15 degrees of roll and pitch rotation, the UAV Landing Pad provides flexibility in various environments. It adapts to different flight dynamics and spatial constraints, ensuring smooth movements.

UAV Landing Pad

Modular Design

Its modular design allows easy customization for specific needs, such as adjusting stabilization or enhancing payload capacity. This versatility is beneficial for specialized applications, including emergency response operations.

Rugged Construction

Constructed from durable materials, the UAV Landing Pad withstands harsh conditions, ensuring reliable performance in challenging environments, from adverse weather to rugged terrains.

Abilities of the UAV Landing Pad

In the dynamic realm of drone technology, ensuring safe and efficient UAV operations is critical. Our 2DOF Stabilized Drone Platform offers unparalleled stability and precision, facilitating secure drone landings and take-offs. Engineered to meet modern operational demands, our platform is essential across diverse applications.

Radar Stability

A pivotal challenge in drone operations is maintaining stability in radar and optical systems. The UAV Landing Pad excels in this regard, ensuring consistent stability even amidst environmental disruptions. This stability is crucial for precise performance in surveillance, data collection, and other critical tasks.

Military Compliance

Complementing its technical prowess, the drone platform adheres to stringent MIL-STD 810 military specifications. This ensures the platform's resilience under harsh conditions, meeting rigorous standards for military applications. It stands as a robust solution, delivering reliability and performance in pivotal defense operations.

Durability in Varied Conditions

Environmental diversity poses challenges, but our 2DOF Stabilized Drone Platform thrives in extremes. Engineered for temperatures from -10°C to +50°C, it excels in diverse environments—from icy terrains to hot, arid landscapes—without compromising operational efficacy.

truck stabilized
truck side stabilized

Technical Specifications of the UAV Landing Pad

To fully appreciate the capabilities of the 2DOF Stabilized Drone Platform, it is essential to understand its detailed technical specifications:

Roll Stabilization: The UAV Landing Pad provides up to 15 inches of roll stabilization, ensuring exceptionally smooth and stable operations across various flight dynamics and environmental conditions.

Pitch Stabilization: Offering ±15 inches of pitch stabilization, the platform maintains precise balance and control throughout flight maneuvers, crucial for achieving accurate data collection and imaging.

Stabilization Error: Designed with stringent standards, the platform limits stabilization error to a maximum of just 1 inch, ensuring consistently high precision in all operational scenarios.

Operating Temperature: Capable of functioning reliably within a wide temperature range from -10°C to +50°C, the UAV Landing Pad is engineered to perform optimally in diverse environmental settings, from cold climates to hot and humid conditions.

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Applications of the UAV Landing Pad

The 2DOF Stabilized Drone Platform featuring the versatile, finds wide application across various sectors due to its adaptability and reliability.

Drone Operations: The UAV Landing Pad serves as a secure and stable platform, ensuring drones can take off and land safely in diverse environments. Its robust stabilization system guarantees operational efficiency and safety, making it indispensable for drone operators.

Radar Systems: Stability is crucial for radar systems to collect accurate data for surveillance and navigation purposes. The drone platform enhances radar system performance, delivering consistent data accuracy essential for civilian and military applications alike.

Optical Systems: Precision is key for optical systems in achieving accurate imaging and monitoring capabilities. Provides the necessary stability for optimal optical system performance, enabling high-quality visual data collection across various conditions.

Benefits of the UAV Landing Pad

Choosing 2DOF Stabilized Drone Platform offers several significant advantages:

Improved Performance: The precise stabilization capabilities of our drone platform enhance equipment performance, ensuring more accurate and reliable results in data collection and monitoring tasks.

Increased Safety: By providing a stable platform for drone take-offs and landings, the UAV Landing Pad enhances operational safety, reducing risks from uneven terrain or adverse weather conditions and minimizing accidents and equipment damage.

Reduced Operating Costs: Designed with rugged construction and reliable performance in mind, our drone platform minimizes downtime and maintenance costs. This efficiency lowers overall operating expenses by reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements, optimizing operational budgets effectively.

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drone landed platform render 2


Every application has unique needs. We offer extensive customization options to tailor the platform's features. Whether you need changes in stabilization range, payload capacity, or environmental resilience, our team can create a solution that meets your specifications.

Established in 2009, SANLAB is a pioneer in its sector and offers unique solutions in the field of Real Time Robotic Applications. 

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