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Two Axis Gyro Stabilized Platform
SANLAB's Advanced Stabilizer Systems for Defense Industry

SANLAB, with over a decade of expertise in motion control applications, extends its experience into cutting-edge products meticulously tailored to meet the stringent demands of the defense industry. At the heart of this innovation lies the two axis Gyro Stabilized Platform, a pinnacle of precision engineering and robust design.

two axis Gyro stabilized motion Platform for defense

Highly Customizable Stabilization Solutions:

SANLAB's stabilizer systems are renowned for their flexibility, offering highly customizable solutions to meet specific requirements. Whether you require a 2 Degree of Freedom (2DOF) system or a higher-degree solution, we can accommodate your needs. We offer a range of power options and actuator lengths, ensuring the platform suits your needs perfectly.

Adaptability to Any Environment:

Recognizing the diverse operational environments faced by defense systems, our stabilizers can be manufactured to excel indoors or in rugged outdoor conditions. This adaptability ensures consistent performance regardless of the setting. In outdoor settings, the system can operate within a temperature range of -20 ℃ to +55 ℃.

End-to-End Expertise:

SANLAB takes pride in overseeing every aspect of stabilizer development in-house. From design and production to software development, testing, and verification, our comprehensive approach allows us to offer unparalleled customization and precision that aligns with your specific technical requirements.

SM-150 Two Axis Gyro Stabilized Platform

One of our standout offerings is the SM-150 Two Axis Gyro Stabilized Platform, engineered to deliver uncompromised stability for military systems, even in the harshest sea conditions. Here are the technical specifications and key features:

• Advanced 2Degree of Freedom (2DOF) Control: The SM-150 offers precise control in Roll and Pitch axes, with a movement frequency of 10Hz, ensuring exceptional stability even in turbulent conditions.

•Impressive Load Capacity: With a substantial 150kg load capacity, this stabilizer can accommodate a wide range of equipment, making it suitable for various defense applications.

•Optimal Actuator Stroke: The platform boasts a 100mm actuator stroke, providing the necessary range of motion for stabilization in dynamic environments.

• Rugged Build:Rated at IP-66 Protection Class, the SM150 is resistant to splashes, dust, and salt, making it ideal for maritime applications. It can also operate effectively in temperature ranges from -20 ℃ to +55 ℃.

two axis and 2 degrees of freedom pitch and roll value of gyro stabilized motion platform

• Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a range of systems including camera tracking, gimbal, radar, and rotator systems, the SM-150 seamlessly integrates into your existing defense setup.

• Precision Stabilization Technology: The SM-150 incorporates state-of-the-art gyro stabilization technology, utilizing advanced algorithms to precisely counteract vibrations and disturbances in real-time, ensuring your sensitive equipment remains steady and focused on its mission-critical tasks. With an accuracy of +- 0.05°, it guarantees precise stabilization.

• Operational Versatility: This platform is capable of maintaining stabilization even in the face of rapid and erratic movements, ensuring that defense systems perform optimally in high-stress scenarios.

two axis roll exhibit of gyro stabilized motion platform
pitch of 2dof value gyro stabilized motion platform

• Environmental Durability: The 2dof SM-150's components are engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions, including saltwater exposure, making it the top choice for naval and maritime defense applications.

• Applications: This gyro stabilized control platform is perfect for IMU integrated stabilization applications, prototype testing, component verification, and vibration isolation within the defense sector.

• Load Distribution: The system's total carrying capacity of 150 kg is strategically distributed across the actuators based on platform movements, ensuring stability even in challenging situations.

• Maintenance and Safety: It's crucial that maintenance be performed by qualified personnel following specific guidelines to ensure long-term reliability. Additionally, safety measures must be adhered to during operation to safeguard users and the system.

In summary, SANLAB's Two Axis Gyro Stabilized Platform, exemplified by the 2dof SM-150, stand as the pinnacle of precision engineering, offering defense systems the stability they require in even the most challenging conditions. With customization options, robust construction, seamless integration, and cutting-edge stabilization technology, our stabilizers are the cornerstone of modern defense technology. For inquiries or to discuss how our gyro stabilized control platforms can enhance your defense systems, please contact us. Your mission's success is our priority.


  • Radar Systems
  • Gimbal Systems
  • Rotator Systems
  • Camera Tracking Systems
two axis Gyro stabilized motion Platform with 2dof
two axis Gyro stabilized motion Platform for defense


  • IP 66 Class Enclosure

Established in 2009, SANLAB is a pioneer in its sector and offers unique solutions in the field of Real Time Robotic Applications. 

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